Apr 13, 2014

24 Live Another Day

Jack is back. Yes, Jack Bauer is back to our screens, starting on May 5 as a 2 hour special event and lasting 12 episodes of 24: Live Another Day.

(Almost) Four years after the series finale (aired on May 24, 2010), the show returns as a "limited series event", an euphemism made up by tv networks so they do not commit to a show. If it gets good ratings, it'll be back next year; if numbers are not good, everybody moves on and that's it.

Jack Bauer, still a fugitive as he was in the series finale, shows up in London, and it's no surprise Chloe O'Brien is around too.
We will also see the return of William Devane as James Heller, now President of the United States of America, and Kim Raver as Audrey Raines. The main cast is completed by Yvonne Strahovski as Kate Morgan, a CIA field operative; Benjamin Bratt as Steve Navarro, the head of CIA operations who's tracking Jack Bauer; and Tate Donovan as Mark Boudreau, White House Chief of Staff, also the husband of Audrey Raines.

24: Live Another Day will be simulcast in Canada on Global Television Network, and will be broadcasted in some European countries via Sky Networks on May 6, same as in Latin America via Canal Fox.

Nov 16, 2012

Last Resort, canceled

The critically acclaimed Last Resort, one of the best shows of the current tv season, has just been canceled by ABC today (Friday, November 16).

This has been confirmed by creator Shawn Ryan himself on his Twitter account:

Several causes contributed to the demise: it's an expensive show, oriented to male viewers but aired on a female-oriented night (Thursdays) and too early for this kind of show (8 PM). Also, ratings fell from averaging 7.3 million total viewers and a 1.7 in the demo to 5.8 million viewers and a 1.2.

Although ABC ordered two more scripts of the show, it is highly unlikely that those will be done.

May 12, 2012

Alcatraz, canceled

Detective Madsen and Hauser looking for another job;
"Doc" Soto was smarter and kept his.

I knew it, you knew it, everyone knew it, but an official announcement was yet to be made: Alcatraz has been canceled.

No surprise there, as ratings were terrible, didn't even reach the 5 million viewers' mark on its last episode, which is pretty awful for a Monday night, and even more awful if we're talking about a short season (13 episodes) and not a full season (22 episodes).

Well, Alcatraz won't be alone in the void, as it will join several other shows that were canceled this week, among them are The Secret Circle, Ringer, Harry's Law, The Finder, Are You There, Chelsea?, A Gifted Man, Awake, and more.

But there's hope for other shows, as they were renewed for another season: Gossip Girl (a short final season), Body Of Proof, Whitney, Nikita, Suburgatory, Castle, Parks & Recreation, The Office, Once Upon A Time, The Middle, Modern Family, Grey's Anatomy, Parenthood, 30 Rock, Community, among them.

Apr 28, 2012

Fringe has been renewed for a fifth and final season

"Hey, this newspaper says we've been renewed for a 5th season!"

It was about time! Warner studios and Fox took their time to reach an agreement, but they finally made it: Fringe has been renewed for a fifth and final season of 13 episodes.

The good news have been announced by showrunner J.H. Wyman through his Twitter account, and made official later by Fox via press release by Kevin Reilly, President of Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company.

I'm not going to post the whole press release, you can find it right here at Fringe Bloggers.

Apr 22, 2012

ABC asks for help to name a new series

The ABC network is asking for help to their fans/viewers to name a new show.

According to their own words,

ABC is naming a new adventure series, and they want your opinion. See below for the description and title options -
One man’s quest takes him around the globe to unlock one of mankind’s most riveting conspiracies.

That's all they say and they're doing it through their Facebook page, check it out here:

This is a unique opportunity, so let them know what you think. I hope they make it right this time, so they don't make it the new FlashForward, an expensive show that failed because of crappy attempts to build a conspiracy story.